Judge denies former shelter director's request to halt ASPCA adoptions

Judge denies former shelter director's request to halt ASPCA adoptions

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Former Lawrence County animal shelter director Bobbie Taylor filed a motion Friday morning demanding that a judge put a stop to an ASPCA adoption event until a court can determine who owns hundreds of animals seized from her property in June.

However, the judge denied that request, saying the reasoning within her plea was inadequate.

In paperwork filed in Lawrence County Circuit Court, Taylor demanded the return of the animals, which she says are her personal property.

Taylor also asked that the judge invalidate documents she signed giving up her rights to the ownership of the animals. Taylor alleges she was pressured to sign the documents. Taylor says that she was threatened with the loss of her own animals as "part of a plan or scheme to illicit a desired emotional response strong enough to overcome [her] good judgment."

In the paperwork, says she was told that people would break down her front door and take or harm her personal pets if she didn't sign the animals over. She said she was given no time to study the documents before she was asked to sign them.

"I am so tired of the lies. But everybody better stay tuned because the truth is getting ready to come out about everybody. I was set up by two commissioners and about five evil women on Facebook. But this is all coming to a head pretty quick," Taylor said on June 30.

An adoption event for the animals is scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at  Hillsboro Gin and Feed at 14934 Highway 20 in Hillsboro. There are 250 pets that need to be adopted.

ASPCA spokesperson Anita Edison said they have not been served any paperwork and are preparing to proceed with the adoption event on Saturday.

Taylor faces 17 charges of animal cruelty following an investigation by Moulton police which uncovered the presences of nearly 300 animals at the Lawrence County Animal Shelter.  Investigators reported seeing numerous dogs housed in small pens, with some holding animals fighting for limited food and space. She has maintained she did not abuse or neglect any animal and that animals who were found to be sick had come to the shelter in that condition.

The Lawrence County Commission terminated their contract with Taylor to control animal services on June 24. The ASPCA came to Lawrence County to assist with the investigation and to care for the animals. The organization removed the animals from Taylor's property and took them to a temporary shelter in Hillsboro, where workers nursed the animals back to health.

The judge who denied Taylor's plea Friday said that the matter is set for a hearing on the underlying request for injunctive relief July 31.

Taylor's attorney has filed an amended motion in this case.

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