Athens author aims for kids, adults with action-adventure story

Published: Jul. 23, 2015 at 7:52 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 26, 2016 at 5:51 PM CDT
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Have you ever wondered how authors come up with their stories? Peeking through the pages of Athens author Bart Hamilton and the story of his novel's hero, Nicholas Hodges, we ask ourselves how this tale came to be.

"Nicholas was interrupted by the sound of the back door of the store opening.  A man with a black beard on his face stepped in... pulled all the blinds shut and turned around. There was a gun in his hand."

This is but a snippet of Bart Hamilton's "Lords of Vengeance: The Alpha," self-published in September 2014. Hamilton says his penchant for writing began early.

"I think at around 15 years of age is when I realized I wanted to write," he said

His first endeavor is an action-adventure tale.

"The main idea of the book is that a clandestine terrorist hunting organization called the Phoenix Initiative recruits young people right around 18, 17 years of age and trains them the next five years... and then they send them out to hunt down terrorists all around the world. So he has to make a choice - either join or die," Hamilton explained.

Hamilton was raised in Athens and works at Steelcase, but has some big goals for his writing.

"I would really like to find an agent and a major publishing company by 30 years of age," he said.

While he has the first one under his belt, he has several more in his head. He's reaching for a big audience.

"What I was really going for was to be able to get kids to read it, and adults too," he said. "Both can enjoy it. I've had feedback from both groups saying it's applicable to both groups."

Hamilton says the influences on his writing involve video games, TV, comic books and movies.

"I'm really good with action and adventure. That's what I'm really best at," he said.

So much of the imagination that's in this book can be traced back to the author's childhood.

"My characters were based on childhood friends that I had. And as I wrote the book, I started seeing different people that I knew in the characters, different personality traits," he said.

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