Disabled Vietnam veteran guards Guntersville recruiting office

Disabled Vietnam veteran guards Guntersville recruiting office

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A disabled U.S. Army veteran took time out of his day Monday to stand guard in front of military recruiting offices in Guntersville on Monday.

Jim Young, a Crossville resident, posted up outside the Marine recruiting office on Monday morning. He stood there for more than three hours, until he said an Army recruiter said they would have to report him. Young said he was told the Department of Defense sent an email to recruiters Monday morning telling them to report anyone standing guard in front of recruiting offices.

"I felt it was my patriotic duty to make sure nothing happened to them," Young said on Monday afternoon. "I can't see them giving their life back here in the United States because someone wouldn't arm them."

Young's wife said she was proud of her husband.

"Jim takes his responsibility to serve as serious today as he did when he volunteered for Vietnam in 1970," said Young's wife, Sandy.

On Monday, two armed men were also standing guard outside a recruiting office on University Drive in Huntsville.

This comes after four Marines and a sailor were killed Thursday in Chattanooga when a gunman opened fire at a military recruiting center and a military facility. The gunman was also killed during the attack.

Sunday, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced the he believes National Guardsman should be armed when on state active duty. He asked National Guard leaders to develop a plan that will allow guardsmen to be armed. The Alabama National Guard is reviewing policies and procedures.

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