Former shelter director not afraid of potential charges

Former shelter director not afraid of potential charges

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - There are no charges yet in an animal abuse investigation in Lawrence County, but Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter said Tuesday they will likely be coming soon.

In a short phone interview, the former animal shelter director, Bobbie Taylor, said she does not fear criminal charges because she did nothing wrong.

The Moulton Police Department and the ASPCA are investigating Taylor. They seized more than 300 animals from her property where she ran the shelter and put them in an emergency shelter.

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Taylor said she is declining more media interviews on the advice of her attorney, but did say she's ready to defend herself against the accusations. Taylor said the truth is on her side, and that truth with be revealed soon, possibly at the Lawrence County Commission meeting Friday morning.

She did not elaborate, but she did talk more about her side of this, as investigators spent six days executing a search warrant at the shelter.

Taylor said then that she never abused or neglected animals, that sick dogs and cats found there were sick when she took them in, and that she had them treated by a veterinarian.

She also said her animal services contract with the county mandated she could not refuse any animals, which is why so many were there.

"I am so tired of the lies. But everybody better stay tuned because the truth is getting ready to come out about everybody. I was set up by two commissioners and about five evil women on Facebook. But this is all coming to a head pretty quick," Taylor said on June 30th.

Taylor would have to be allowed on the agenda to speak before the county commission Friday. The commissioners also plan to talk about long term solutions for animal control at that meeting.

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