Huntsville flag manufacturer sees sharp increase in Confederate flag sales

Alabama Flag & Banner has continued to sell the Confederate flag. (Source: WAFF)
Alabama Flag & Banner has continued to sell the Confederate flag. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Following the nationwide outcry for the removal of the Confederate flag in front of South Carolina State Capitol, many manufacturers and distributors ceased the sale of products with the controversial emblem.

However, Alabama Flag & Banner, a Huntsville-based flag maker and distributor, continued to sell the flag. Belinda Kennedy is the owner of the 30-year-old business that has seen an unexpected spike in sales.
"On Tuesday of last week, all sudden we just saw a little uptick in request for Confederate battle flags and over course that's the day that Wal-Mart and Amazon both announced that they were going to remove Confederate battle emblems from their inventory completely," said Kennedy.
Kennedy said she added 15 additional employees over the past week to handle distribution and to take orders both over the phone and online. In addition to bringing more personnel, Kennedy says she also ordered several more sewing machines, and fabric is being in shipped daily.
"Orders are coming in by the thousands every day, we are shipping all over the place," said Kennedy, "We've shipped to Australia, we've shipped to Canada, we've shipped to Japan, Germany, England, Chili, El Salvador, and South Africa."
Since a number of big-name retailers have discontinued the sell of products with Confederate emblems, Kennedy believes that Alabama Flag & Banner may be one of a few stores, if not the only store, in the nation currently making and selling the flag.

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Kennedy added that she's mostly received positive feedback from customers near and far.

"There is a ton of patriotism, and people are just wanting to fly the flag basically to say this is just a piece of history: Heritage not hate," said Kennedy.

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