Arab police say graffiti suspects confessed, 'We were bored'

Arab police say graffiti suspects confessed, 'We were bored'

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - An intense investigation appears to have stopped graffiti vandals in Arab.

Police are now questioning at least two suspects who they say have confessed to the crimes.

While there had been talk amongst the community about the graffiti being gang-related, investigators say that is not the case.

For the past several weeks, graffiti 'artists' have been spray-painting the letters 'NS' on signs and vehicles across neighborhoods in the city.

An Arab police cruiser was even tagged.

Investigators confirmed they interviewed two suspects, who they said confessed. Chief Ed Ralston said they are not ruling out the possibility of more people being involved.

He said charges are still pending, and they will be seeking full restitution to the victims.

Ralston said while the suspects are adults, their actions and reasons for tagging property is not.

"In their words, 'We were bored, we just did something stupid,'" Ralston said. "I think there might have been a grudge on one of the cars in particular, but we don't know that yet... They just started walking, did a few here and there, and for whatever reason, stopped."

Chief Ralston anticipates arrest warrants will be issued on Monday.

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