Go with the flow: life-saving swimming lessons

Go with the flow: life-saving swimming lessons

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Summertime often means a trip to your local pool, river or lake. So experts say it's especially important your children know how to swim.

"The Alabama Department of Public Heath says that drowning is the second leading cause of injury related death in kids ages 1 to 14, so it's vitally important," said Kevin Ready of the Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall.

Many groups, including the mall's Wellness Center, offer lessons.

"We offer swim lessons for kids of any age actually," Ready said. "Our Jones Valley location actually has the infant swim lessons. So from birth to one-year-old."

Age is not a factor when ensuring your swimming skills are up to par.

"We have groups and private lessons, whichever you prefer, for kids as well as adults."

Accidents involving children can happen anywhere, whether in a river, a pond, or as little as an inch of standing water. Hot tubs are especially susceptible.

"I think one of the big of swim lessons is getting you comfortable in the water. A lot of people who don't know how to swim...they'll panic when they get in water," said Ready.

If it is an unplanned situation where exhaustion could be a factor, learning how to "drown-proof" can be a life-saving lesson.

"The swim lessons will teach you how to conserve that energy, how to float and be able to breathe," Ready added.

Huntsville Hospital has several locations, but you can check out hospitals in your area and do some homework before you sign up.

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