Ultratec cooperating with officials, hearing set for Wednesday

Ultratec cooperating with officials, hearing set for Wednesday

A fireworks company dealing with the aftermath of a deadly explosion said it's cooperating with fire marshals.

A Madison County judge agreed to dismiss Ultratec's appeal of a state Fire Marshal's cease and desist order.

The motion was approved late Tuesday.

In it, Ultatec attorneys said the company has made substantial progress to comply with the fire marshal's orders to stop making fireworks until safety issues were addressed.

The two sides were scheduled to be in court Wednesday morning.

The order came after two people were killed in an explosion at the plant in southern


Marie Sanderson, of Union Grove, died on the scene, and Aimee Cothran, of Huntsville, died at Huntsville Hospital.

They said it was a fiery explosion so they immediately had to put the fire out and get the victims off to hospitals. After that, they had to make sure the area was safe and that there wouldn't be anymore explosions.

A witness said they were working on Richard Brannum Drive when the explosion happened. He said he was about a mile away from the company and could see the smoke and flames.

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