Heavy rainfall causes Franklin Co. road closure

Heavy rainfall causes Franklin Co. road closure

FRANKLIN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Heavy rainfall and this winter's snow and ice have really taken a toll on roads in Franklin County.

In fact, crews have already shut down one road because the road has literally shifted, and that unstable ground makes it dangerous for drivers.

Officials said when the roadway starts to slip things can go from bad to worse in an instant, so they decided to close the road as a precaution.

Franklin County Highway Engineer David Palmer said road sliding is nothing new to the county.

"We're in a geologic area where there is a lot of potential for slides here, more than you might think," he said. "And when the ingredients get just right they'll start to move."

The excessive rainfall, ice and snow over the last few weeks have created a recipe for disaster on a stretch of road on Franklin County Road 63 between Herrings Crossroads and Franklin 20.

"Ice and snow not only adds water but it also adds weight and sometimes that's all it takes to get one of these moving," Palmer said.

The road has dropped four inches in the last several days.

Palmer sayid they have a crew scheduled to come in to locate the slip plain before than can move forward.

"We need to know where that is before we can start the repairs or we could do more damage than good," he said.

Until repairs are completed, the road will remain closed.

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