Bentley addresses funding cut for N. Alabama road projects

Published: Feb. 27, 2015 at 9:47 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 27, 2015 at 8:47 PM CDT
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NORTH ALABAMA (WAFF) - After North Alabamians learned about the plan to cut road projects all over a billboard criticizing the governor over his plans to raise taxes, he addressed the issue in Montgomery on Friday.

Governor Robert Bentley spoke to the media about his plans to raise taxes, and he also addressed ALDOT's decision, removing $100 million in funding for the Limestone and Madison County road projects.

"The project in Madison County and Limestone County at some point will be resumed," said Bentley. "But I also want to say this. We have serious problems in this state. And for a state senator to be critical of solutions to a problem that truly exists before he has even seen any of the solutions is irresponsible."

The governor spent the next 20 minutes explaining his tax plan before taking questions from the media. While some questions focused on that plan, others were focused on North Alabama State Senator Bill Holtzclaw's billboard and the cut funds.

The governor was asked if there was a timetable on when those projects in Limestone County and Madison County would be back on track, and he said no.

There was also more light shed on the conversation between ALDOT leaders, the governor, and ALDOT's decision to pull funds from specific projects.

"I did not specifically know the time, but I gave the green light on certain issues," said Bentley. "I did not know the specific timing of when that took place."

Bentley addressed citizens in north Alabama.

"Just tell them that this project will be restarted, but there are a lot of projects across the state including North Alabama that are good projects, and are equally good projects," he said. :We continue to look at projects. There are people all over the state of Alabama who would love to have $100 million that are just as valuable."

In response to whether or not Bentley thinks this move will hurt north Alabama's ability to recruit new business, he said, "No. Not when I say I'm going to start it back."

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