Army game studio STEM visits Lee High School

Army game studio STEM visits Lee High School

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Friday, students at Lee High school got a chance to see some of the army's newest technology.

The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics vehicle also known as STEM parked outside the school.

Students entered and went through three rooms to get a sneak peek into future technology, based on what it may look like in 2032.

Redstone Arsenal's game studio created the upgraded technology called SARAH.

It's a search and rescue hybrid created to save lives in the future.

"We wanted to develop an experience that was engaging to kids and we wanted to make sure that once they left the experience they knew that the army was technologically relevant and that the army did some really cool fascinating cutting edge things." Marcus Hill of the Army game studio said.

"I actually thought the STEM system was awesome. I understand the concept of SARAH, the dog I understand the STEM part of it." Lee High 11th grader, Nijah Freeman-Bolden said.

The students ended the experience with a hands-on STEM problem to solve in a computer based, search and rescue mission scenario.

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