Boeing announces impending layoffs at Huntsville facility

60-day notices will be given to affected employees by Friday. (Source: WAFF file)
60-day notices will be given to affected employees by Friday. (Source: WAFF file)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Layoff notices will be going out to employees of one of Huntsville's largest employers in 48 hours.

Boeing company officials confirmed Wednesday they will send out 60-day notices to impacted employees on Friday.

It is not currently known how many Huntsville-based employees will be affected. Boeing officials said they do not have that number right now, but will have a figure by Thursday.

The cuts are connected to the Space Launch System (SLS) project, NASA's deep-space rocket. Now that the SLS is moving out of the design phase and into production, the nature of the work will change.

Boeing officials said they hope to offer other opportunities to employees who receive the 60-day notices. Some of those jobs could be in Huntsville or at other Boeing sites.

Company representatives said they have been going over the employees whose jobs will be cut and trying to place them in new jobs, which they said is a complicated process; they have to do it one employee and one job at a time.

Huntsville city leaders said they are aware of Boeing's pending realignment, but that because Boeing is such a big, diversified employer, officials are hopeful that many of the displaced workers can find new places within the company.

Boeing has 1,000 workers in Huntsville working on the SLS.

Marshall Space Flight Center officials said work on the SLS is on-schedule and on-budget, and the rocket will be ready to launch in 2018.

Officials said senior leaders of the Boeing SLS project will meet at 7 a.m. Thursday to go over plans for the job cuts. As of Wednesday night, they were still working through the process of who they could place elsewhere as opposed to a full layoff.

Factoring in holidays, Boeing said the last day of work for workers who get pink slips will be January 23.

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