State senator pushes bill for accountability with business security breaches

Senator Orr pushes a bill to hold businesses accountable. (Source: MGN Online)
Senator Orr pushes a bill to hold businesses accountable. (Source: MGN Online)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Alabama is one of three states that does not require companies to notify customers when their data is at risk.

State senator Arthur Orr plans to push a bill that would make businesses in Alabama accountable to their customers when there is a security breach.

Orr plans to get his bill on the Senate floor when the state legislature meets again in March.

In the past at businesses like Target, Dairy Queen, and Kmart, your personal information can be at risk. Time is very important if a beach happens. The sooner you find out about it, the more likely you are to take some sort of action that will reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraud.

"If companies are going to be in business and taking customer information to make the sale, they need to responsible with the data they accumulate." said Orr. If they're not, or they're somehow breached or hacked, they at least need to notify the consumers that their data has been compromised."

Health care providers and financial institutions are guided by federal law to notify people if their personal information may be compromised. There is no federal notification law concerning general businesses. That's why states are passing the laws.

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