NASA chief visits the Rocket City

Dr. Bolden spoke at the Von Braun Symposium. (Source: WAFF)
Dr. Bolden spoke at the Von Braun Symposium. (Source: WAFF)
Charles Bolden (Source: NASA)
Charles Bolden (Source: NASA)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden continued his visit to the Rocket City Tuesday.

Bolden spoke at the Von Braun Symposium. He was also given a behind-the-scenes look at the science command post for the International Space Station at Marshall Space Flight Center.

The ISS crew is directed from the MSFC to do physical, biological and astronomical science experiments with direct implications for us on Earth.

Bolden briefed reporters on everything ISS: What's happening today, changes for the crew starting next week and he even stopped long enough to call the crew.

Bolden chatted for some time with the astronauts as well as with the people attending his visit at the center.

He talked about a myriad of topics; The upcoming launch of Orion in December in preparation for long-duration Deep Space exploration; the importance of trying to get all international parties to sign-off and agree to fund the ISS to 2024 and beyond, and the big changes of having Italian and Russian female crew members on board for the first time ever. He also discussed changes with the Russians.

"Next week, we will have an even more integrated crew where Russian cosmonauts will finally merge into the scientific system," Bolden said.

On Wednesday, Bolden will visit Discovery Middle School in Madison.

He is expected to talk about science-related career fields and the work that NASA does.

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