Oakwood Academy reviews policies in response to fight video

A video of the fight was uploaded to YouTube (Source: Video)
A video of the fight was uploaded to YouTube (Source: Video)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Oakwood Adventist Academy is doing an internal review of its policies after a video was released to YouTube showing two students involved in a physical altercation.

The school's principal, Jason Edgecombe, says he met with the staff and is taking a hard look at exactly what unfolded between classes on Tuesday.

The principal calls this video and the actions of the students in it disappointing but insists the campus is a safe environment.

He says it's important to remember that the students are adolescents and with adolescents, these things are going to happen.

In regards to concerns raised about the person shooting the video getting a stiffer punishment than the girl throwing the punches, the principal said cell phones are not allowed in the school, but he say more beyond that.

He said he could not reveal specific punishments students received because of privacy laws.

When asked why a teacher didn't intervene and stop the incident, an incident that seemingly went on for quite a while, the principal said teachers were in the area and adjustments are being made.

"Sometimes in a small environment you don't concern yourselves when students are moving from a to b," Edgecombe said. "This incident teaches us that we have to be a bit more vigilant about that."

The principal said a meeting with the school's parent/teacher group and top administration is also in the works to address how the school can do a better job in creating a safe environment for students.

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