Sources: Probation officer on leave after questionable Facebook post

The post in question has since been removed from Facebook.
The post in question has since been removed from Facebook.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A probation officer employed by the city of Huntsville is now on administrative leave.

A city official said the probation officer will stay on leave pending an internal investigation.

The official would not tell us what that investigation involves. However, a source close to the incident said the investigation involves what probation officer Debbie Byrd posted on social media.

We obtained a picture of what Byrd posted a week ago, which has since been removed.

It reads (sic)…"this is for all my court, officer, and attorney friends. I ran a criminal history on someone and it pulled this up. This was from Fayetteville, TN. Guess the person entering the info had a little too much alchahol and didn't have posetion of a good computer."

Byrd points out typos a clerk entered, misspelling 'alcohol' and 'possession.'

In the post, she mentions removing personal information, but left a tracking number.

To some, typos may not be a big deal to post, but it's where the information came from that potentially makes it a big deal.

Byrd, along with others in law enforcement, are given access to the National Crime Information Center Database, NCIC, with more than 11 million criminal records to view.

Those granted access are warned not to misuse or access the information inappropriately, or it could lead to prosecution.

Byrd has been employed with the city of Huntsville since 1985.

If it is determined that Byrd violated policy by using the database inappropriately, she could be fired or possibly face jail time.

We will update this information as soon as more details become available.

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