Kitchen Cops: nine inspections, five low performers

This week's Kitchen Cops had five low performers.
This week's Kitchen Cops had five low performers.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Shoney's in Athens scored a 78 with the Limestone County Health Department. The inspector took off points because food in a small refrigerator was eleven degrees above the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold holding food.

The inspector also reported they were using large pots, a small pot, and a fryer basket that were all damaged. Shoney's also lost points because of cracked plastic bins, which can allow for cross-contamination.

King Buffet in Madison also scored a 78. The inspector reported discovering bug spray stored with utensils. They also had utensils that were greasy with food particles on them after being washed. The inspector also reported cooked chicken, dipped chicken, and cut melon in cold-holding was seven to ten degrees above the required temperature.

New China Dragon on Wall Triana Highway Madison scored an 80. The health inspector reported they were using a frayed fryer strainer and that there were dented cans stored with and above food.

The China Buffet in Madison scored an 83, despite having no critical violations during their inspection. The inspector reported several minor infractions.

The Chevron Food Mart on Swancott Road remains on the Limestone County Health Department reinspection schedule after scoring a 76. They scored a 65 and a 71 during their previous two inspections. The health inspector reported some of the same issues they had during their previous inspection, with chicken held 20 degrees below the required hot holding temperature and pizza ten degrees under temperature. Last time, the inspector reported the ice maker needed cleaned, and they cited the Chevron for the same violation during this inspection.

The In & Out Mini Mart in Madison had been placed on the health department reinspection schedule following each of three consecutive inspections in which the business scored a 72, an 80, and a 74. It takes an 85 to get off of that schedule, and that's exactly what they scored during their most recent inspection.

The Hardee's on Highway 72 in Athens is off of the reinspection schedule after scoring an 87, 13 points better than last time.

Asian Cuisine in Athens scored a 74 last time, and they, too, scored an 87 during their reinspection.

The Canebrake Club in Athens scored a 91 during their reinspection, a nine point improvement.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores .

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