Kitchen Cops; seven inspections, three low performers

See who was a low performer in this weeks edition of Kitchen Cops. (Source: WAFF)
See who was a low performer in this weeks edition of Kitchen Cops. (Source: WAFF)

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Fiesta Mexicana in Athens remains on the Limestone County Health Department reinspection schedule after scoring an 84. Fiesta Mexicana lost points because food in a walk-in cooler was nine degrees over the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding food. The inspector also reported they found food without date marks to indicate when it was prepared, and when it would expire. The restaurant also scored an 84 during their previous inspection, and it takes at least an 85 to get off of the reinspection schedule. The manager said the temperature issues happened because the cooler was not functioning correctly, that it's been fixed, and they're looking forward to their next inspection.

An 83 for the Outback Steakhouse in Sheffield. The Colbert County Health Departments reported wings in a cooler were held six degrees over the cold-holding limit, pasta in a cooler was twelve degrees too warm, and some ribs were kept past their expiration date.

The Jo Mo One Stop Texaco in Tanner scored a 70. The inspector reported food in a warmer was ten degrees below the required hot-holding temperature, food in a cooler was nine to seventeen degrees too warm, the meat slicer needed cleaned, and the ice maker did too.

Workers at the Waffle House on Bailey Creek Circle in Huntsville earned their way off of the Madison County Health Department reinspection schedule, scoring a 93 during their reinspection, eleven points better than last time.

The Whitt's Barbecue on Elm Street in Athens made a seven point improvement, scoring a 91 this time.

K & S Deli in Grocery in Elkmont is also off of the reinspection schedule after scoring an 87, twelve points better than last time.

The S & Z Supermarket in Athens scored a 71 last time, but scored a 92 during their reinspection, up 21 points.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores

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