Guntersville woman in lawsuit over teeth whitening products

A Guntersville woman is being sued over her teeth whitening products (Source: WAFF)
A Guntersville woman is being sued over her teeth whitening products (Source: WAFF)

A Guntersville business woman is challenging Alabama's laws about who can sell teeth whitening services.

Joyce Wilson stopped selling the services in Alabama after she received a cease and desist order from the state dental board back in 2006. That's when the battle began.

Wilson continues to sell her teeth whitening products in more than a dozen other states where it's allowed. She claims her product is cosmetic and feels it's much like a manicure and that you should be able to choose to have a professional do it or be allowed to do it yourself.

Wilson's suit has gotten the attention of even some of the largest newspapers, such as the New York Times.

Wilson says she was forced to stop selling her Brite White Mini and other teeth whitening products in the state nearly eight years ago. Had she not, Wilson would have been subject to a $5000 fine and a year in jail.

Dentist attorneys have argued it's an issue of safety, but Wilson argues her product is completely safe and a customer should have a right to cosmetic teeth whitening services outside of a dentist's office at a much cheaper price.

I feel the dentists are trying to monopolize this and it's all about the back pocket and what's going in the back pocket. Wilson said, "The Alabama Dental Board wouldn't even allow me to make a presentation to them when this first came out in 2006."

A Birmingham judge heard arguments in the case late last week and is expected to rule soon if the case can continue

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