Huntsville cop killer remains on death row

Benito Albarran (Source: Alabama Department of Corrections)
Benito Albarran (Source: Alabama Department of Corrections)

It's been nine years since Huntsville Police Officer Daniel Golden was gunned down while on duty and his killer remains on death row.

Golden was killed on Aug. 29, 2005.

Benito Albarran was convicted of capital murder and a jury recommended the death penalty over life without parole. State Representative Mike Hall said Alabama is especially slow when it comes to carrying out the death penalty.

"The process, it will always be slow," Hall said. "But some of these cases are ridiculous at how slow it is and how long it's delayed."

Hall said the process could be sped up by running multiple paths of the appellate process at the same time. He said doing that would not eliminate any of the checks and balances in the system. That would take a bill and Hall said anything that has to do with the death penalty is controversial.

Alabama's last execution was Andrew Lackey in 2013. Lackey asked to be executed.Currently there are 193 inmates on death row in Alabama. Of those inmates, 89 have been on death row for more than 15 years.

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