See, Click, Fix: More Traffic Volume Studies Underway

See, Click, Fix: More Traffic Volume Studies Underway

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - I'm sure those cables on the side of the road would look a little strange if you saw them in your neighborhood. In fact, the man commenting on See, Click, Fix wants the City of Huntsville to get rid of them.

But that's the sign of progress on a traffic volume steady on Barcody Road. At least one person asked the city for speed bumps or something else to slow down drivers. Before deciding, city engineers have to study how many vehicles drive on Barcody each day, how fast do they go, etc. The wires will be gone before results from the study are released. But when they are, we'll pass them along.

We came across a little different request. This one's at Russell Hill Drive and Holmes Avenue in Huntsville. Just south of the intersection, there's a lot of construction at the Clearview Cancer Institute. There's also a new VA outpatient medical clinic on the way.

With that in mind, someone posted on our site that they need a defined pedestrian crosswalk along Holmes Avenue at the intersection because, otherwise, it would be impossible to walk across there in the future.

That could change in the future but, for now, city engineers say the policy is that they don't mark a side street with a crosswalk

The city's still cracking down on overgrown grass. Community Development checked out a report of tall grass and weeds in front of a four-plex on Wynterhall Road in Huntsville. They gave the owner a notice to clean it up.

We checked it out Monday, and the grass was cut.

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