Active shooter drill held at Albertville High School

Officials said the preparation is a hard but necessary preparation for school. (Source: WAFF)
Officials said the preparation is a hard but necessary preparation for school. (Source: WAFF)

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The sound of gunshots rang out from Albertville High School on Monday - but thankfully, it was all part of a drill.

An active shooter drill was held Monday, just days before the beginning of school.

Officers and emergency personnel who participated in the event said they want to be prepared just in case it were to ever be a real life situation.

They said such drills are necessary, but they can also be emotional, because many of the officers also have children in the school.

The drill started promptly at 1 p.m.. Shortly after the sound of shots, police were the first to arrive: officers quickly got out of their vehicles with assault rifles drawn.

In the drill, the officers take out the active shooter, making it safe for others to come in.

Next, it was ambulance and fire crews who led the victims out.

Chief Doug Pollard said police have to be ready, even with the emotional toll an event like this would have.

"It's hard for police to walk by a child and not stop and render aid, but in this situation, until we get the suspect, we've got to keep moving through the hallways," Pollard said. "Then we can come back and render aid. And that's the hardest thing for a police officer is to step over a kid or step by a kid to get to where he needs to go."

Parents were also in attendance at the drill. As in a real active shooter situation, they were kept back from the scene by police.

"It's hard, but I could do it," said Tabatha Thacker. "I would want to run in there because of my daughter, but I couldn't because they (officials) are a lot bigger than I am, and I couldn't fight them to get in there."

In all, the drill was over within 30 minutes. Thacker said she is pleased with the results of the exercise, adding she hopes they will prepare in all of the city's schools.

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