Kitchen Cops: Health inspector reports temperature issues

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - When food is at the wrong temperature, bacteria can grow. A Limestone County Health inspector reported there were temperature issues at Mr. Crite's Bar-B-Que in Athens as they scored a 75.

The inspector reported they were not cooling some food properly. Also, the inspector found ribs in a warming cooler that were more than forty degrees below the required hot-holding temperature, and barbecue and potato salad in cold storage were fourteen degrees above the required cold-holding temperature.

Similar issues were reported at China Dragon in Athens as they scored a 76. The inspector took off points because of food that was not properly cooled. Eggs were almost sixty degrees below the required hot holding temperature. And food in a cooler was a few degrees above the required cold holding temperature.

An 81 for the Pizza Hut on Highway 31 South in Athens. They lost points because cold food was held four to ten degrees above temperature. And the inspector reported the fountain drink nozzles needed cleaned.

A 63 for the Jiffy Food store on Highway 72 in Athens. The health inspector says they were not reheating food to the required temperature before putting the food up for sale in the hot holding unit. The minimum temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot food is 135 degrees, and eggs were 48 degrees below that. The inspector also reported the ice maker and an ice bucket were dirty.

B & S Grocery in Athens scored an 82. The inspector reported just one critical violations, for food in a pizza toppings cooler that was seven to 14 degrees too warm.

The A & D Food Mart in Athens scored a 79. Eggs were 107 degrees. Sausage biscuits were ten degrees warmer than the eggs, but that's still 18 degrees below the required hot holding temperature.

B & K Grocery in Tanner scored an 88 during their reinspection, 15 points better than last time, and high enough to get off of the Limestone County Health Department reinspection schedule.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores.

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