New procedure for patients with dry-eye syndrome

A patient prepares for a new treatment for dry-eye syndrome. (Source: WAFF)
A patient prepares for a new treatment for dry-eye syndrome. (Source: WAFF)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Lois Gregory said she battled "Dry Eye Syndrome" for about 3 years.

"Your eyes burn. They're all bloodshot. The worst part is the drooping of your eye and it's constantly dripping. It looks like you're crying," Gregory said.

She added that light and wind can also make it worse. So she embarked on a new treatment option and says life now is so much better. 

That big difference is what Pat Collins is hoping for. She said her life has been anything but normal for the past year and a half.

"It effects every day of your life," Collins said. "You can't work... you cant just enjoy social activities, exercising. It just has an impact on your day to day life, practically 24- 7, even sleeping at night. You wake up two or three times a night and your eyes are itching or hurting."

She said she can't watch TV or read books and is spending big bucks on eye drops.

Pat's desperation brought her to Innovative Eye Care in Decatur. Dr. Chris Teichmiller assesses her eyes and scrapes the glands, to unclog them.  He describes the procedure as he works on Pat.  

"The lipiflow instrument actually heats this up to a comfortable 108 degrees and it keeps it constant," he said. "And over a 12 minute period it's going to gently massage those eye lids and it's actually going to help those glands express and clean them out and get them back functioning properly."

Dr. Teichmiller's office is only the second office in Alabama to offer this procedure. The other office is in Birmingham.

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