Kitchen Cops: 9 inspections, 5 low performers

In Muscle Shoals, Casa Mexicana scored an 80. (Source: WAFF)
In Muscle Shoals, Casa Mexicana scored an 80. (Source: WAFF)

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Domino's Pizza in Albertville scored a 78 with the Marshall County Health Department. The inspector reported finding workers' drinks in a cooler with food, and Domino's lost points because cleaning products were stored of top of food. The inspector also reported that a hose didn't have a backflow protection device to make sure contaminated water doesn't flow back into the water supply.

In Muscle Shoals, Casa Mexicana scored an 80. The inspector reported rice was sitting out 25 degrees below the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot food. Also, steak and chili relleno in a walk in cooler wasn't cold enough.

'Lil Dottie's in Tanner remains on the Limestone County reinspection schedule after scoring an 81. They scored a 75 and a 71 during their previous two inspections. The inspector reported cold food in a fridge wasn't cold enough, that eggs were more than thirty degrees above the required temperature, and that the drink nozzles and the ice dispenser needed cleaned.

An 84 for Los Arcos is Boaz. The inspector reported a cooler holding baked potatoes, cheese and sour cream was running too warm.

The Chevron Food Mart on Swancott Road in Madison scored a 65. The inspector reported the icemaker was rusty and dirty, the drink nozzles needed cleaned, and food in the warmer wasn't warm enough.

Venice Pizza in Huntsville is off of the Madison County Health Department's reinspection schedule after scoring an 89, six points better than last time.

The Greek Gyro Express at the Madison Square Mall in Huntsville improved by fifteen points, scoring a 93 during their reinspection.

The Taco Bell in Boaz rose by twelve points during their inspections, scoring a 95.

Workers at the Applebee's in Athens turned it around the second time around, up fifteen points with a 92.

It takes an 85 or better to get off of a health department's reinspection schedule, and Tiger's Grill in Ardmore did so by scoring an 86 during their reinspection.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores -

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