Mexican restaurant scores low with inspectors for 4th time

Rancho Viejo scored an 83 in their reinspection. (Source: WAFF)
Rancho Viejo scored an 83 in their reinspection. (Source: WAFF)

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In their previous three inspections, Rancho Viejo in Muscle Shoals scored an 80, an 82, and an 82 again. They just had another reinspection, scoring an 83, which means Rancho Viejo remains on the Colbert County Health Department's reinspection schedule.

The inspector reported a cross contamination issue. The restaurant was handed a violation because a cook used the same utensils for raw food and ready-to-eat food on the grill. The inspector also reported that steak was sitting out at 13 to 25 degrees above the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold holding food.

Restaurante El Azteca in Huntsville scored a 73. The inspector reported discovering live roaches underneath a chest freezer. They also reported that cow tongue was not marked to indicate when it was cooked and when it would expire. And the inspector took off points because a worker's drink was open and stored in the ice machine.

An 81 for the Krystal in Boaz. A Marshall County health inspector reported employees were drinking and storing drinks in the kitchen, and that there was residue in an ice bucket.

Big Al's in Trinity scored an 84 with the Morgan County Health Department. The inspector reported that the main refrigerator was not running cold enough to keep food cold enough.

It takes a score of 85 or higher to get off the health department's reinspection schedule, and the Outback Steakhouse in Sheffield did that by scoring a 86. The restaurant scored an 82 and an 83 during their previous two inspections.

Carson's Grill in Madison is off of the Limestone County Health Department's reinspection schedule, rising from a 68 last time to an 85 this time.

The Homeside Restaurant in Sheffield scored an 86, 15 points better than last time.

The McDonald's on Highway 43 in Tuscumbia scored a 93 during their reinspection, a nine-point improvement.

Francesco's Italian Restaurant in Decatur also rose nine points, scoring a 93.

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