Restaurant shut down after scoring 58 with inspectors

China 1 in Guntersville scored a 58 with health inspectors. (Source: WAFF)
China 1 in Guntersville scored a 58 with health inspectors. (Source: WAFF)

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In Alabama, any health inspection score below 60 triggers an automatic shutdown. That's what happened at China 1 in Guntersville when they earned a 58. It's the second time they've been shut down by the Marshall County Health Department in less than two years.

Food held at the wrong temperatures causing pathogenic bacteria to grow that can make people sick. Food temperature problems reported at China 1 accounted for two of seven critical violations. There were issues on the buffet line, as the inspector reported hot food was below the required temperature and cold food was too warm.

The inspector reported dishes and silverware were not washed according to health code regulations because there wasn't enough chlorine in the dish machine. The inspector reported that the tea nozzles were dirty and they discovered a pump sprayer containing pesticide that was unlabeled.

China 1 also lost points because of loose wires on fryer baskets, cracked bowls, and because workers were drinking in the kitchen. To reopen, China 1 needed to score at least an 85. The inspector came back two days later, and they scored an 86.

The Waffle House in Athens scored a 76. A Limestone County health inspector reported finding roaches. The inspector also took off points because dirty food bins were stored with clean bins, and because a cooling unit where country ham is stored was running too warm.

A 77 for the Applebee's in Athens. The inspector reported cold-holding rice, shrimp and steak weren't held cold enough at six to nine degrees above temperature. Applebee's also lost points because there was no chlorine in the dish machine, there were damaged fryer baskets, and because a worker's drink was in a food prep area.

In Albertville, the Tin Top Diner scored an 83. The inspector reported there were loose wires on a fryer basket.

It took two tries for Club Rush in Huntsville to get off of the Madison County Health Department's reinspection schedule, but they did it by scoring a 93 this time. Club Rush had scored an 82 and an 83 during their previous two inspections.

Ichiban Express in Albertville scored a 90, six points better than last time, enough to get off of the Marshall County Health Department's reinspection schedule

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