3 vehicles involved in wreck in front of Guntersville High School

An 18-wheeler, a garbage truck and a car were involved in the wreck.
An 18-wheeler, a garbage truck and a car were involved in the wreck.

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Only minor injuries were reported after an 18-wheeler slammed into another truck, causing a multi-vehicle wreck.

The 18-wheeler was traveling down the mountain on Highway 431 and ran a red light in front of Guntersville High School.

The 18-wheeler, driven by DeMarcus Moore of Atlanta, Georgia, hit a city trash truck that was crossing the highway under a green light.

The trash truck was pushed on top of a Chevrolet Celebrity. Two men in the trash truck, Jason Burgess and John Gilley, were injured in the wreck. Gilley was taken to Marshall Medical Center and Burgess was taken to Huntsville Hospital.

The driver of the car, James Warden, managed to crawl out of the wreckage. He was taken to Marshall Medical Center.

This is not the first time this stretch of road has been involved in serious wrecks. In February 2012, a well-digging truck lost control coming off Sand Mountain. The truck lost control, hitting a Chevrolet Impala. The driver of the Impala was killed.

Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson said signs are posted and drivers of big trucks should pay special attention when coming down such a steep grade. "If you take the proper precautions, you reduce your speed. You should utilize your transmission, which is a help to you coming down the incline, as well as your brakes, and you can maintain your vehicle in a safe operating posture," he said.

A common theme, Peterson finds, is many big-rig wrecks stem from people new to the area who have not been on that stretch of highway.

State Troopers are investigating Tuesday's crash. All three people injured were later released from hospital.

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