Inspectors dish out 4 low scores in Kitchen Cops

OK Corral in Muscle Shoals scored an 80.
OK Corral in Muscle Shoals scored an 80.

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - OK Corral in Muscle Shoals scored an 80 with the Colbert County Health Department. The inspector reported barbeque pork and chicken was held 16 to 20 degrees below the minimum temperature required to prevent bacterial growth with hot holding foods.

Ok Corral also lost points because of several barbeque items and homemade pies without date marks to indicate when they were made and when they would be expired and need to be thrown out. The inspector also reported finding employee drinks in the wrong places, including a food prep table.

Rancho Viejo in Muscle Shoals scoring an 80. The inspector reported there was debris in the ice machine. They also cited the Mexican restaurant for mold in the ice machine, and for chicken mix, pork, and beans without date of preparation marks.

The Akshar Discount Food Mart in Douglas scored a 75. A Marshall County health inspector reported chicken biscuits were held 17 degrees below the required minimum hot-holding temperature. It is the third straight time the food mart has been placed on the health department's reinspection schedule.

Akshar scored a 76 and an 81 during their previous two inspections. An 84 or lower puts a food establishment on the reinspection schedule, and it takes an 85 or higher to get off of it.

The Quik Mart on East Second Street in Sheffield scored an 83. They lost points because canned diced tomatoes in a container were covered in mold, and because of pans used to hold cooked food had caked on grease deposits.

Ice in Paradise in Florence earned a perfect 100 with the Lauderdale County Health Department.

For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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