Testimony: Daughter gave false alibi in mother's death

Kristina Huber is accused of the January shooting death of her mother.
Kristina Huber is accused of the January shooting death of her mother.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The woman accused of shooting and killing her mother in January had a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

A judge decided to send Kristina Huber's case to a grand jury despite her lawyer's objections, after hearing testimony from the lead investigator.

In Tuesday's testimony, we learned where they found the gun used to kill 45-year-old Melissa Huber and about the alibi they said the victim's daughter gave them on the day of the shooting.

Kristina is charged with first-degree murder. Lead investigator Kyle Wilson told the judge Tuesday that on Jan. 5, Melissa Huber's husband was outside, loading his car before going to work, when he heard a pop.

He told investigators he went to the backyard and saw his wife trying to walk to him before falling. Melissa Huber died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Authorities found Kristina at a man's house nearby. They said she told them she had been there overnight, but the man had already told them she had just arrived there. Investigators said they found a two-shot .22 Derringer on the floor in the Hubers' house. One bullet was left inside, the other one spent.

He testified that the gun was next to two pieces of cardboard. He said "I'll kill you" was written on one, and that a homophobic slur was written the other piece.

Investigators believe an argument between Kristina and her parents about whether to commit her to a mental institution may have been the motive for the shooting. They are still waiting for forensics test results on the gun.

Forensics test results on the gun are pending.

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