Propane customers continue wait for promised credits

A UPG spokesperson said in January that pre-buy customers who paid more for gas would be issued a credit.
A UPG spokesperson said in January that pre-buy customers who paid more for gas would be issued a credit.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - United Propane Gas said last week they are now delivering gas to all customers who pre-bought fuel. However, some customers continue to take issue with the company, saying UPG has yet to follow through on another key promise.

In January, a UPG spokesman said when the gas shortage was over, the company would begin filling tanks for those who pre-bought, which they did. The spokesman also said customers who paid a higher price would be given a credit on their account. However, some customers said they aren't doing that.

Mark Cote is one of the customers who said he has yet to see the credit. He said just getting his tank filled in the first place was headache enough. For about a month, Cote kept his thermostat low and tried not to use his stove to cook meals – all in an effort to conserve his dwindling propane.

Cote said he was eventually forced to buy 100 gallons at the higher price so his family wouldn't freeze. He said it took dozens of phone calls, some lasting nearly an hour, just to get UPG to fill his tank.

Cote said the added expense was a tall order. "We do budget, and when that budget goes broke like that and you still have to come up with four, five, six hundred dollars out of your savings account, that hurts. It was a big hock and it was a lot of stress throughout the entire winter," Cote said.

At this point, Cote said, getting a credit on his account may not even be worth it. "I don't want to go through and talk to them anymore. It was just bad business," he said.

The president of United Propane Gas, Eric Small, responded to a request for response through email. After being asked several times about the credit, he said he has no knowledge of the promised credit and said to ask Eric Gibson, UPG's General Counsel.

Gibson has not yet responded to a request for response.

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