Harvest woman waits 12 years for MS diagnosis

Jennifer has trouble affording the medication needed to treat her MS.
Jennifer has trouble affording the medication needed to treat her MS.

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - Jennifer Duncan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year at age 39. But she said her health problems began long ago.

"When I was told I had Optic Neuritis, my eye doctor told me I'm going to send you to a neurologist and your next diagnosis will be MS," Duncan recalled.

However, doctors could initially find no indicators of the disease.

"He says, 'You have no lesions... there is no MS. I've had two spinal taps to see what color my spinal fluid was... nothing. Clear as day," said Duncan.

For 12 years there were more tests. She was told they would watch her and wait. She said while she didn't want the MS diagnosis, she knew she needed a definitive label and the medicine to treat it. That finally came last year.

But now there are more problems with nerve pain. She said a new drug is helping, but the help comes with another hassle. "It works awesome. It's $305. I can't afford it with two kids."

All the medications, she said, put her into a type of remission.

Often a life-changing diagnosis can also have an effect on the entire family.

Jennifer said she has one wish when it comes to her children... to literally see them grow up. That's what I want to do, not be blind and remember them as teenagers, but see them as adults."

And with proper treatment, she hopes ride a steady course for a while.

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