Number of dogs found at puppy mill grows

The homeowner refuses to tell investigators where more dogs have been taken.
The homeowner refuses to tell investigators where more dogs have been taken.

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Investigators said there were even more dogs than once thought inside a Colbert County puppy mill.

Earlier this week, investigators rescued over 100 dogs at the home in Cherokee. Sheriff Ronnie May said the homeowner is on an investigative hold, pending charges from the district attorney's office. Investigators said the homeowner has taken more dogs out-of-state and refuses to tell them where they are located.

Four more dogs were discovered Thursday afternoon. Two of the dogs were dead, according to investigators. They also believe more dogs have been hidden from deputies. Moonshine was also found on the premises.

The rest of the dogs have been taken to the Colbert County Animal Shelter, where they are being checked and prepared to go out to rescues, foster homes and adoptive families. The shelter is at full capacity and workers there are asking the community for patience during the process.

Shelter Director Judie Nichols said they are in need of items such as small-breed dog food, bowls and monetary donations to help cover medical costs. Nichols said they are asking the public to help adopt or foster some of the other dogs in the shelter in order to make room.

"We're still doing evaluations. If there are any vet techs, any nurses that want to help with that, we could use an hour or so of your time. I can't say call, because it's hard to get through. We've had people trying to get through that can't," she said.

"Christmas is here and we always think about children and the elderly, but we're here to think about the animals, the pets. We do a lot of volunteer work in our community, but I think this is the time our animal friends need us and we're here for support," Nichols continued.

While phone contact with the shelter has been hard to come by, you can quickly reach the shelter through their Facebook page. You can also learn more about the Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed rescue, which has taken charge of some of the dogs, at their website.

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