Former Madison Co. employee accused of mishandling money

The Alabama Attorney General's office is investigating a former Madison County employee for misappropriation of funds. The ethics committee investigated this complaint for nearly a year before turning it over to the Attorney General's office.

It has been confirmed that the person in question worked as an employee with District 3. We are told they were an assistant to former commissioner Jerry Craig. The amount of money in question is in the tens of thousands over the past eight years.

Current County Commissioner for District 3, Eddie Sisk, said Friday that as far as he knows the allegations of the mishandled money go back to 2005, maybe longer. He said the money came out of an account for the fishing rodeo. He said he noticed the missing money not long after he took office a few months ago when he looked at a bank statement.

"When I opened the account and saw it, I knew there was something going on," he said. "I've been in business before; it doesn't take but a few minutes to look at statement and know that something is right or not."

Now that the Attorney General's office is handling the case, Sisk says all they can do is wait.

"So when it's complete I guess we will have the whole truth of what took place," he said.

The county has been able to get at least $100,000 back from insurance.  The state Attorney General's office declined to comment on the complaint.

We are told former Commissioner, Jerry Craig is out of town and can not be reached for comment.

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