Redstone Arsenal reviewing safety, security procedures

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Redstone Arsenal officials are reviewing safety and security procedures after this week's deadly shooting rampage at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

Those security procedures begin at the gates. There are currently six gates in operation that military members, government contractors, and their families have been granted access.

These people have all been vetted and must show a valid I.D. each time they approach the gates. Arsenal officials say a level of trust is used when it comes to allowing their friends onto the post. The Arsenal employee must vouch for that person and is often involved in escorting them onto the installation.

Garrison Commander Col. Bill Marks says it would be impossible to search every car and every person, as Redstone Arsenal sees some 43,000 vehicles come through its gates each day. With that being said, security personnel do turn plenty of people away.

"We employ different measures throughout the day. We definitely employ different measures at the gate during our rush hour. We change them very frequently. They give us a level of confidence that we know who we are letting through the gates," explained Col. Marks.

All commercial vehicles including delivery trucks must enter through Gate One. Security personnel at that gate are set up to inspect every driver, their manifest, and their cargo.

Getting past the gates, does not mean someone has access to all areas of the post. There are several layers of security based on the particular agency being visited.

All Redstone Arsenal employees also are given a specific security clearance that determines what areas they can access and what information they can see.

Getting those clearances involves background checks. When it comes to classified information, personnel must have a legitimate "need to know" as determined by an authority.

"Just because you have a particular security clearance doesn't necessarily mean you meet the need to know criteria," said Col. Bill Marks. "Therefore, just because you have a security clearance doesn't necessarily mean you get to see all the information in that particular level of security."

Team Redstone is reviewing all of its security procedures for weak spots and to ensure the policies are within the Department of Defense guidelines.

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