Police Make Arrests In 2003 Murder Cases

It's a case that's baffled investigators for nearly a year. Four Huntsville women - Debbie Harris, Isabelle Pam, Noelle McAnally and Jennifer Butcher - all killed within a short time of one another. Some or all of them reportedly practiced prostitution. Now - some breaks in this case.

Friday, Huntsville police arrested a man for one of the murders: 38-year-old Terry Lee Kelly. He was charged in the Jennifer Butcher case.

Kelly and a female companion were already in custody for the 2003 murder of a UAH professor. That murder took place in Meridianville.

Terry Kelly is not the only suspect in the Butcher case. Tuesday, a homeless man named Edgar Fore was arrested. Police believe Kelly and Fore killed Butcher. Her body was found under a Southwest Huntsville house last December. People we spoke with this weekend are glad to hear the case is progressing.

"It's good got clues to catch people," James Powell of the Triana Boulevard area said.

Police say Butcher was homeless. In fact, the three other women were known to stay at a local homeless shelter. Investigators are looking into whether all four murders are connected.

Debbie Harris was found dead in her burning apartment December 16th. Police believe the fire was started to disguise her death. Isabelle Pam's body was found in February behind a building on Blake Street. Three months later, Noel McAnally's body was found in a creek outside of Huntsville.

According to police - it's unclear when or if other charges will come in these three murders.

Huntsville Police are offering rewards in this case - as is the Alabama's governor's office. To give a tip, contact Crimerstoppers at (256) 53-CRIME.