ChromaGen Lenses help dyslexia patients

Published: Jul. 12, 2013 at 5:58 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 26, 2016 at 5:51 PM CDT
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ChromaGen Lenses help people diagnosed with dyslexia.
ChromaGen Lenses help people diagnosed with dyslexia.

NORTH ALABAMA (WAFF) - As a third grader, Ashley Hodges was a creative, smart student who had a teacher who thought Ashley had a problem, "She noticed that my reading wasn't up to speed."

Words seem to jump off the page and she couldn't remember what she read, "I was so focused on what are these words that I couldn't understand what was being asked."

By the end of her 4th grade year came a diagnosis of dyslexia. Little things helped, like work printed on blue paper. Years later, as a teacher, she would have a student who complained of headaches and words jumping off the page.

Ashley recently acquired new glasses to help her with her own dyslexia. Instinct had her share those glasses with student, Raegan Isbell.

"It wasn't blurry and it was clearer the words on the page weren't moving any more," said Raegan.

"That's why I became a teacher, is to help students who had the same struggles as I did," said Hodges.

The "aha" moment centered on the ChromaGen Lenses. Optometrist Chris Techmiller said the dyslexia treatment came about in an odd way, "It was founded by Dr. David Harris as a way to treat color blindness and in so doing he treated a child and the mom came back about six months later and said my son is now making an honor role."

Once the determination has been made that the individual does have dyslexia, their eye doctor will take them and try several different types of lenses. These lenses are different colors to see if they can read words on the page, without those words literally jumping off the page.

"So what they found out is that by the proper placement of these lenses, they can actually help the vision pathways enter better together so that words don't jump off the page, things tend to stay still, and the reading is much more comfortable," added Teichmiller.

As a teacher, Hodges was struck by that "aha" moment, "Her spirit immediately changed. Her confidence immediately changed."

"Now, I have a lot of my favorite books and I go to the library a lot more at school and I read more of my teacher's books that she has and I really enjoy them," said Raegan

She can enjoy the stories and not think about words and letters that won't be still.

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