Too many storm chasers on road can be dangerous

Three storm chasers died in Oklahoma on Friday.
Three storm chasers died in Oklahoma on Friday.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Too many chasers on the road - that's the word from some of the professional storm chasers after three chasers died in Oklahoma Friday.

A group from the Weather Channel survived a direct hit from the storm.

That makes it difficult for the professionals and dangerous for everyone.

Anyone can call themselves a storm chaser.

Dr. Kevin Knupp chases storms for science. He's a professor at UAH who specializes in severe weather research.

"In Oklahoma, chasing has become an entertaining type of thing," said Knupp.

With so many people on the road, the scientists have a hard time getting in position and getting out of the way.

"The large number of chasers on the roads have congested the roads and made it difficult for the real chasers doing the science to navigate," said Knupp.

Those scientists are studying the storms and trying to get equipment into the tornadoes so we can learn more about a twister's path and why they grow.

All of this information will help in predictions and increase warning time.

Dr. Knupp understands the thrill of seeing a tornado firsthand, but to the novices who still want to chase, he recommends staying a good distance away from the projected path of a tornado.

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