Huntsville man plants gardens for the homeless

Some homeless people live in camps in Huntsville.
Some homeless people live in camps in Huntsville.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - They're the neighbors you don't see, but those wooded areas you sometimes pass as you are driving in Huntsville are home to some of the city's poorest people.

"I didn't even realize that we had homeless, but now I know there's way too many of them, and I'm trying to do something. Maybe we can get them out of this situation, maybe get them in housing or get them the help that they need," said Rusty Loiselle.

He has stepped out of the middle class comfort zone of neighborhoods, walls, modern convinces, and into the world of a homeless camp. His goal is to bring life to what may seem like a dead end situation by planting a garden.

While it may sound silly to some, a vegetable garden for a group of homeless people sounds liberating.

"To be a little bit independent and not feel like you have to rely upon somebody," said David Brawn, who lives in the camp.

Loiselle purchased the necessities and began a lesson of living off the land.

"Some of the healthier stuff for them, rather than having to go to the store and pay prices that they really can't afford. I plan on being out here as much as possible to help them keep their bellies full and keep them warm," he said.

The compassion, say those who will reap the benefit of Loiselle's harvest, is also an education that will help them grow and hopefully move on in the future.

"I can go home, I can have a hot meal, I can take a hot shower, I can get in a warm bed, a lot of these folks out here can't do that," he said.

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