Ronald Weems found guilty of murder, abuse of corpse

Ronald Weems
Ronald Weems
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A jury found Ronald Weems guilty of murder and abuse of a corpse.

Weems admitted to Colbert County jury members that he dismembered and dumped Amanda Taylor's body.

Weems took the stand Thursday, getting his chance to tell what happened.

He spent just over an hour on the stand. He maintained his stoic demeanor as he told the jury what happened the day Taylor died.

Weems claims he did not know about Taylor's efforts to steal money from Laurel Pruett.

He testified Taylor got angry with him when he would not take the blame with her.

Weems said Taylor attacked him in his basement, and he said, "I honestly believe she was going to kill me."

He later admitted to dismembering and dumping her body in an area off Gnat Pond Road.

Weems also admitted to lying to investigators but claims he is now telling the truth.

However, he claims Ashley Greenhill is the one who killed Taylor.

Weems claims he blacked out during the last part of the fight and then panicked when he came to and saw what happened.

He claims God sent him visions in jail showing him that he was not the killer, accusing Greenhill of killing Taylor when he and Laurel Pruett left the home.

During testimony, the DA called Weems a pathological liar, saying he is caught up in a web of lies and has been lying to his friends and investigators since the murder.

Weems said he is now telling the truth.

"I'm scared to death, but I have nothing left to lose," Weems said.

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