Convicted killer sentenced to life in prison

Alfred Shawn Johnson was sentenced to life in prison.
Alfred Shawn Johnson was sentenced to life in prison.

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A convicted killer was sentenced to life in prison Thursday in Lauderdale County.

Alfred Shawn Johnson was found guilty of murdering Keith Barnett eleven years ago. His brother was also charged in connection with the crime.

At his sentence hearing, Shawn Johnson cussed at the Lauderdale County District Attorney and kicked a table. Authorities were called in to the courtroom to restrain him. He later apologized, saying he was "bitter."

When the victim's brother took the stand, words were exchanged and Shannon started making comments out loud saying, "no body killed anyone," and yelling, "hang in there, Shawn," before being escorted out of the courthouse.

Shawn showed the first signs of emotion since his trial began, crying when his family asked for mercy and a lenient sentence.

He talked for nearly 20 minutes, saying he's sorry to the Barnett family for the loss of their son but said he didn't do this and plans to fight it until he dies.

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