Pro-life rally brings out supporters on both sides

Both sides showed up to the rally.
Both sides showed up to the rally.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Pro-life supporters gathered outside of a Huntsville abortion clinic Saturday to rally.

More than 250 people against abortion gathered to pray across from the Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives.

Pro-choice supporters also showed up.

Pro-life supporters said they want all types of abortion banned in the country, but pro-choice supporters said that would only hurt women.

"We continue to support life in all of its fashion. We are organized against the fact that abortions are taking place here in the city of Huntsville," said pro-life supporter John Phillip.

"When you reduce the access to birth control and abortion, what happens is you have women dying from unsafe abortion procedures. You have women becoming infertile and being unable to have children when they're ready for it," said pro-choice supporter Julie Seals.

The pro-life rally is part of the "40 Days for Life" effort.

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