HEMSI goes high-tech

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Starting Monday, HEMSI will use electronic tablets to record patient care reports. This will help to cut back on paper and will also help streamline the process of patient care.

If HEMSI has treated a patient before, their medical history will show up, including any allergies the patient might have or any medications they are taking.

Paramedic Alison Boylen said this is important because, in many cases, a patient is incapacitated and can't relay that type of information.

The tablets will also make the transition between ambulance and emergency room run smoothly. The tablets can be synched with an EKG machine and those results can be relayed to the hospital before the HEMSI crew even gets there. That will allow hospital staff to know the condition of the patient before they even arrive.

HEMSI has purchased 41 tablets. They cost around $2300 a piece.

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