Madison Police urge safety for Black Friday shoppers

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison Police say shoppers aren't the only ones getting excited for Black Friday.

Thieves, too, are getting excited because a lot of shoppers don't use common sense when making after Thanksgiving purchases, according to police.

Madison Police said that is one reason they are increasing patrols Thursday night.

A lot of people will be out on the roads and waiting in lines for long periods of time, and police are asking people not to take more than they need to into the stores.

Police advise taking only a credit card or wallet as opposed to a whole purse.

Authorities also want people to protect themselves after they make purchases because, chances are, they will be stopping at multiple stores.

"If you have packages that you can put in the trunk of your vehicle put them there," said Lt. Damian Williams. "If you have limited space and you have to put them in the passenger compartment cover them with a coat or something like that so they're not readily in view."

Police are also asking customers to have patience as they shop.

"Everybody gets excited about Christmas time and the holidays coming up and focused on their shopping. They may not be focused on their personal security or personal safety. We want everyone to place an emphasis on that and be safe," said Williams.

For those that do plan on waiting in line, wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes because it will be a long night.

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