Man arrested after allegedly stabbing, robbing acquaintance

Ricardo Chajal (Source: Decatur PD)
Ricardo Chajal (Source: Decatur PD)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Decatur Police arrested a man accused of stabbing and robbing a man Sunday.

Police said they were conducting a traffic stop on 5th Avenue and West Moulton Street around 2 a.m. when Jermen Rodrigus approached with an apparent stab wound to the abdomen.

Rodrigus told the officer he was having some beers with Ricardo Perez at a home on 8th Avenue. He said Perez demanded his money and when he refused, Perez stabbed him.

Officers were able to locate an ID with the name Rene Perez Jr. near the location the victim reported.

Later, officers received a tip that Perez was back at the location. Officers located Ricardo Chajal, also identified as Rene Perez. He was arrested for providing false identification.

On October 30, Chajal was positively identified as Rodrigus' attacker. He was charged with robbery first degree and assault first degree.

His bond was set at $15,500.