Superintendent responds to Butler beating case

Dr. Casey Wardynski
Dr. Casey Wardynski

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Parents protested Monday outside the Huntsville School System's Central office.

They said they're frustrated with the lack of communication from school leaders.

The protests stemmed from the beating and subsequent denial for a transfer from a Butler High School student.

The student claimed she was beaten in the school bathroom by three female students. She said she had her shirt and bra stripped off and had to walk the hallway topless looking for help.

Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski said her transfer being denied was not accurate. He said in order to transfer a student for a safety reason, there must be proof of two things. There must be proof it was a violent crime and that the harassment continued afterwards, which, at the time, he didn't have either.

He said they reviewed surveillance video and saw the girls go in the bathroom and later, the victim come out without her shirt. Wardynski said security questioned her minutes later and she said she didn't know who attacked her.

He said they never denied her; they were just looking for the evidence before the transfer could be approved.

The mother claimed harassment continued in the school and on social media, but Wardynski said they had no proof of it. The mother said the school swept the situation under the rug, but Wardynski disagreed.

"I would say I don't see it that way - that she was in the school the following day and she met with the police instead of school officials. She came in on the 20th and met with police again, the 24th she met with school officials. At that point our principal was looking for the evidence to either activate the safety provisions of code or evidence of continual harassment and that would have brought more disciplinary action against the students who were harassing her daughter."

Two girls were suspended for two days over the situation.

"In a school system, it's not about putting students on a magical mystery tour of schools, it's to bring order to the schools and we did that by first suspending the two students. And if there was evidence of continued harassment that we asked for and did not receive, if we did it would have escalated to a class three offense and they would have faced expulsion," said Wardysnki.

School officials are working to identify a third girl.

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