Governor Bob Riley's office is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to Noelle McAnally's killer.

The 26-year old's body was found eleven days ago in a Limestone County creek.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for her mother, Delicia Hightower, between funeral arrangements and a burial service for her daughter--one many people and organizations in the community, including Madison County's Homicide Survivor Program, chipped in to make a bit easier.

News of the reward has her hoping that her daughter's murder will soon be solved.

"It's the worst thing a mother could ever go through and i'm not through it yet," Hightower said Wednesday.

She can only hope to deal with her daughter's murder one day at a time.

"I carry on by remembering what she would do in any given situation. We were very close and I feel like my right arm's been amputated. I feel part of me is altered," she said.

Hightower flips through pictures of Noelle during happier times, when she was a little girl. Noelle's own five-year old daughter is a mirror image, says family. All the more reason for Delicia to be strong. Someone has to share Noelle's legacy with the daughter she left behind.

"I want keep my daughter's memory alive. She was a beautiful person," said  Hightower.

"I Just hope anyone with information, it may seem so tiny, it could be a shred but it could solve the whole thing.
The Limestone County District Attorney's office requested the offering of a reward.
If you have information that could lead investigators to Noelle's murder, call Chief Investigator Stanley McNatt at 256-232-0111.
For information on the Homicide Survivor Program, call 256-551-1610.