Noelle McAnally's family spent part of their day sifting through old pictures remembering the 26-year old.

Her family says the last few months were very tough for Noelle but she was getting back on her feet. She started a new job and wanted more than anything to help provide for her five-year old daughter.

"She had a great sense of humor and a wonderful smile," said her uncle, Roy Priest. And that is how the family will remember Noelle, instead of the most recent memory of the 26-year old, her body found in a Limestone County creek last weekend.

 "No one could ever imagine that something this terrible could happen. She was such a trusting person, maybe she trusted someone she shouldn't have and this awful thing has happened to her," Priest said.

While investigators look for her killer, the family grieves, devastated that a woman who loved so many and worked so hard, could leave them so soon.

"We just hope she is at peace now and we are so sorry. We will miss her so very much," he said.
"We know someone has information about her and her final days and we hope they will come forward and call the police."