GLBT advocacy group prepares to file lawsuit against school system

Grissom High School
Grissom High School

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville City Schools could be on the verge of getting hit by a lawsuit. Gay rights activists are up in arms over a junior ROTC instructor.

This all comes from a claim by a student, and she's not planning to back down. She says she really wants the district to contact her directly and that she's surprised this has escalated this much since the end of last school year.

This spring, a Grissom High School student came forward claiming her JROTC instructor preached about homosexuality after she said she wanted to move to San Francisco.

GLBT Advocacy is now working with a Birmingham civil rights attorney in the case. The group has also contacted the United States Department of Education civil rights division. The group claims the district and JROTC didn't follow proper policies and procedures.

Both sides have contacted each other through letters recently, but the GLBT group says if the district doesn't contact them by next Friday, they're filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

"I've spoken with them and they are very interested in the situation," said James Robinson with GLBT Advocacy and Youth Services. "We're simply trying one more time to mediate with the school system before we get another agency involved."

We contacted Huntsville City Schools asking for a comment on the situation. At this point in time, the district has yet to get back to us.

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