Community Happy Over Prostitution Arrests

Last week Huntsville police arrested alleged prostitutes and WAFF 48 News was the only station to catch them on tape.  Residents in the Lowe Mill Village area of West Huntsville are not only satisfied with the arrests, they've also noticed a difference.

The arrests came as a reaction to the demands of area residents.

Resident Victor Fuller says, "You had the drugs in the area and then the prostitution and everything else, lately its been real quiet around here."

Huntsville Police say that's no accident.  They've made a concerted effort to stop crime in West Huntsville's Lowe Mill community.  In February, police went door to door surveying residents about what the problems were.  Prostitution was one issue, but so were drug use and speeding.

Officer Doug Hemphill says, "We've made a promise to the residents we would do the best we can.  And make certain the quality of life in the Low Mill area is same thing the rest of the city has."

More patrols have helped and people are noticing.  One woman says, "I think they're doing a good job, I really do."

There's more work to be done, but residents appreciate the extra effort.

Pauline Sharp says, "Do I feel safe here? Yes, they're not going to run me off, I've been here too long."

And police say their work is not done.  They realize being arrested doesn't stop some people, so they'll continue to fight the problem as long as it exists.